Brett Maas reflects on President’s Day

I was reading this article with a day off from the markets about how President’s Day has such an identity crisis. Thought I share in honor of President’s day where here in Arizona I’m honoring it!

Presidents Day 2010: facts about a holiday with an identity crisis

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Ford adding tweets to its Sync in-car technology

Ford Motor Co. is adding Twitter messages and Internet radio to its in-car entertainment and communication service, known as Sync.

Ford hopes to entice consumers who are adept at using mobile applications on their cell phones. But CEO Alan Mulally told an audience at the International Consumer Electronics Show that because Sync is voice-activated, it’s safer for drivers than using their phones in the car.

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Brett Maas launches new charity website

I decided to keep track of where I donate and great organizations that need help or donations. I have always believed in giving back and I’m grateful for my success.

So I decided to create Brett Maas Dot Org. – to list great organizations to give back to. Feel free to send me your suggestions.

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Remember, Givers Gain, Takers Lose!

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I have been very busy helping clients communicate their story to the street. But I have also been busy building my very own Brett Maas Business blog to share great stories about investor relations and my Brett Maas Charity Blog .

This site is going to be more for family, friends, and keeping track of Social Media, Social Networking, and my connections.

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Brett Maas dot net Launched!

Brett Maas dot net is going to being my personal weblog of reccomendations of products, solutions, books, and anything I can share that I think you should consider purchasing or looking into. I have come across a lot of great tools to automate my life in this digital age and I look forward to sharing with you on Brett Maas dot net.