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Brett Maas think the NY Giants are the real deal

NY Giants put a smack down on the Dallas Cowboys eventhough at first they stumbled. After seeing the New York Giants play last night I really think they are going to make a run for the superbowl and they are the best in the NFC.

Also, it looks like we could end up having a NY/NY Superbowl 2011 with the New York Jets looking like the best team in the AFC.

What do you think?

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Darnell Dockett Signs Extension with the Arizona Cardinals faking everyone on Leinart Trade

Hat Tip:
More than once, Darnell Dockett hinted his new contract extension would be coming sooner rather than later.
Turns out the Cardinals’ Pro Bowl defensive tackle was just being his normal, brutally honest self. Funny how this was part of the “press conference” they scheduled today but everyone that that Matt Leinart was being traded.

Live TV Coming to the Apple iPad

verizon-ipadIt’s fairly clear by now that Verizon is dead set on gaining on AT&T through any means possible. If that means matching some of their services, so be it. And in other instances, this means copying services completely. GigaOm reports that Verizon is looking to bring live TV to iPad users here in the near future.

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Experts say Phoenix Real Estate market won’t recover until 2034

Phoenix Housing MarketHat Tip to ABC 15

PHOENIX — When it comes to housing, whether it’s in the Valley or around the nation, the biggest question out there is: when is the market going to recover?

Money Magazine has a prediction that may surprise you.

Arizona is listed as one of the top five worst markets and they are forecasting a recovery date of 2034.

Best Markets:
Oklahoma 6% of homeowners underwater, Recovery forecast 2009
New York 6% underwater, Recovery forecast 2016
Montana 7% underwater, Recovery forecast 2012
N.Dakota 8% underwater, Recovery forecast 2013
Alabama 9% underwater, Recovery forecast 2013

Worst Markets:
Nevada 70% underwater, Recovery forecast 2033
Arizona 51% underwater, Recovery forecast 2034
Florida 48% underwater, Recovery forecast 2031
Michigan 39% underwater, Recovery forecast 2022
California 35% underwater, Recovery forecast 2028

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Brett Maas thoughts on UFC

I just read about Dana White cutting Silva if he repeats the same horrible performance. I have to agree and think Dana is doing great justice for the fans. You have to give it to the guy for being real and understanding what the UFC fans want.

Check out more of the article here on Yahoo and see the video below.

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Brett Maas reflects on President’s Day

I was reading this article with a day off from the markets about how President’s Day has such an identity crisis. Thought I share in honor of President’s day where here in Arizona I’m honoring it!

Presidents Day 2010: facts about a holiday with an identity crisis

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Ford adding tweets to its Sync in-car technology

Ford Motor Co. is adding Twitter messages and Internet radio to its in-car entertainment and communication service, known as Sync.

Ford hopes to entice consumers who are adept at using mobile applications on their cell phones. But CEO Alan Mulally told an audience at the International Consumer Electronics Show that because Sync is voice-activated, it’s safer for drivers than using their phones in the car.

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Brett Maas reflection

To all of my followers, family, friends, and people I have connected with online I would like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.

This is a great time to reflect and I appreciate all of my clients business for trusting me with their investor relations, my family for supporting me, and friends I have made over the years and now online with my Brett Maas Blog, Brett Maas website, and Brett Maas charity site.

Thanks to all of you.

10645_Happy Thanksgiving